Jointing Gel

Dr. Kelen D007 (1006d01)
    • Jointing Gel
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    • Jointing Gel

      A joint gel containing MSM, Glucosamine and natural Boswellin, developed for racing and hobby horses, which is excellent for the prevention and adjunctive treatment of problems caused by arthritis and arthrosis. Menthol and camphor provide local analgesic, anti-inflammatory and immediate relief.

      Suggested Use:

      Applicable externally. Immediately after training and standing in the paddock or in the evening barn, massage the gel vigorously into the area to be treated against the hair, 2-3 times a day. Its use is constantly recommended in case of complaints. The gel is also recommended to supplement preventive and oral medications. It is absorbed without a trace and immediately, the hair will not be sticky. It can be easily washed from the hand.

      It does not contain preservatives, fragrances or colorants.

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      • x 500 ml

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