Horsemed S.o.s. Wound Care Spray

Dr. Kelen D003 (1006a01)
    • Horsemed S.o.s. Wound Care Spray
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    • Horsemed S.o.s. Wound Care Spray

      Instant remedy for wounds! – Medicinal wound care spray

      Wound care spray, developed for race- and hobby horses. It contains tea tree oil with wide range of anti-bacterial spectrum, colloidal silver and alcohol, which are well-known favourable for after-care of wounds and scratches caused during training, cross-country riding or in the paddock. Also suitable for supplementary treatment of bacterial infections. The menthol, levander- and lemon oil support the wound healing, mitigate the irritation. The cooling effect of the alcohol and the carefully selected medicinal herbal volatile oils ensure poise of the wound, thus the itching, irritating feeling ceases and the horse does not pick at the wound. It has a long lasting effect. Environmentally friendly product without power gas. FEI doping-free.

      No preservatives, no synthetical colour or fragrance.

      For external use. Use it 2-3 times daily at the wound. Use it until the epidermis regenerates. It absorbs quickly, does not leave the horsehair sticky. Avoid contact with the eyes or bleeding wounds.

      Packaging: 150 ml

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