Hippocenter Suspended Walker Mechanism (18 M / 6 Horses)

Hippocenter hc36 (1502a02)
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    • Hippocenter Suspended Walker Mechanism (18 M / 6 Horses)
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    • Hippocenter Suspended Walker Mechanism (18 M / 6 Horses)

      - 18 to 20 metres in diameter
      - For 6 to 10 horses
      - Manual mode/Automatic mode
      - Right rein/Left rein
      - 0 to 20 km/h

      The suspended walker is at the very top of the range of horse walkers. It gives you a walker while keeping a working space at the centre of the structure. Available in 18 and 20 metres diameter, 6 to 8 horses can be worked simultaneously. Our suspended walker includes a set program for automatically changing direction every 10 minutes. Capable of reaching a speed of 20 km/h, it offers the possibility of working at the walk and trot. The suspended horse walker mechanism can be installed on our basic, comfort and prestige lunging rings.

      Notice: The price shown here is for the one with 18 meter diameter for 6 horses. But there are other mechanisms available with between 18-20 meters diameter for 6-10 horses. For pricing and more information about these, please contact us.

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