Hippocenter Protrainer Treadmill

Hippocenter hc9 (1601a03)
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    • Hippocenter Protrainer Treadmill
    • 7 124 700 Ft

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    • Hippocenter Protrainer Treadmill

      - Adjustable speed from 0 to 15 km/h (40 if trot option)
      - Can be inclined up to 10%
      - 10 set programs
      - 100 customized programs

      The Protrainer treadmill is at the very top of the range available on the market. Its galvanized steel construction ensures durability and toughness under all conditions. The Protrainer reaches a speed of 15 km/h in the classic version and 40 km/h in the trot/canter version. This treadmill contains 10 set programs and also offers the possibility of creating up to 100 customized programs. Gradient from 0 to 10%. French design, manufactured in Normandy.

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