Eggersmann Emh Senior Müsli (20Kg)

Eggersmann L710376 (1303c02)
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    • Eggersmann Emh Senior Müsli (20Kg)
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    • Eggersmann Emh Senior Müsli (20Kg)

      EMH Senior Muesli from Eggersmann. Supplementary feed for horses. An innovative special mixture (contains EMH), which optimally considers the needs of old horses and those in regenerative phases. The demand for high-quality vital substances (such as essential amino acids and also trace elements) increases with age. If this need is not met, it can lead to disturbances in the change of coat, susceptibility to infection, but also emaciation and loss of appetite. High-quality amino acids support the preservation and development of muscles as well as the body substance. Through EMH, an improved availability of nutrient and active ingredient level is achieved, thus optimizing feed conversion.

      Feeding recommendation:
      Conservation: approx. 200 g per 100 kg KGW / day
      Light to medium work: approx. 250 g - 400 g per 100 kg KGW / day. At lower doses the addition of a mineral feed is recommended.

      36.4% barley (flocked), 29.7% corn (flocked), 6.3% peas (flocked), 4.3% sugar cane molasses, 3.8% oat bran, 3.5% wheat bran, 3.3% lucerne green flour , 3.1% alfalfa hay (dried), 2.0% carob shredded, 1.6% calcium carbonate, 1.5% dicalcium phosphate, 1.3% molasses, 0.7% sodium chloride, 0.6% fermented vegetable extract (EMH) , 0.3% corn, 0.2% magnesium oxide, 0.1% green, 0.1% fruit (apple) dried pomace, 0.1% sunflower seed meal, 0.1% spent grains dried

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