Automatic Feeder Two-Part Version

Gaun, SA gn60715 (0801f03)
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    • Automatic Feeder Two-Part Version
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    • Automatic Feeder Two-Part Version

      Automatic feeding system for horses. This is the two-part version where the control box is in the passage and the feeder part is in the box/paddock. Programmable schedule, one, two or three feeding daily. Galvanized metal, comes with a reserve battery.

      - if there's no human presence at the 1-2 daily feeding time
      - if you want to feed with accurately measured and mixed quality feed
      - if it is important for you that the feeding is more beneficial and less stressful
      - applicable in both stable and paddock
      - in case of power outage it has a battery
      - approx 75 liter capacity
      - it exists in two versions, one where the feeder is next to the
      container and the other where the container placed in a separate location

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