„Tech Stirrups”

Date: 13 February 2015 - Last update: 15 May 2015

Aluminum stirrups - for those, who care about the details

The ultra-modern Tech Stirrups are entirely produced in Italy. There are versions for every discipline, adapted to every different need.

The cross-country, hunter, dressage and jumping stirrups are made with particular attention. Each of them are from lightweight aluminum, with stainless steel screws. The inserts have nano-ceramic coating, and the stirrups themselves are treated with a 20 micron anodization to preserve the aesthetic quality.

The patented Tech Stirrups are designed to provide adequate grip even when the contact is minimal. After much testing of weight and design, the holes are manufactured in such a way that even if the rider loses the stirrup, they are in the correct angle to be easily worn again.

Update: the jumping and cross country models are available in new colors, and new Young models from jumping and dressage stirrups are available for kids

  • Tech Stirrups Alu Aphrodite DressageAphrodite Dressage Stirrups from Aluminum and Aphrodite Young Dressage Stirrups

    The Tech Stirrups “Aphrodite” for the dressage encloses its technology in the tread. In fact, to ensure greater stability, the weight of the stirrup has been concentrated in the tread; furthermore, the perfect grip doesn’t bother the foot during its use. Unlike the other dressage stirrups on the market, Tech Stirrups “Aphrodite” has the grip that allows the rider to communicate with the horse in an extraordinary way, as it has teeth with angles computer-designed that allow the foot freedom of movement.

  • Tech Stirrups Alu Athena JumpAthena Jumping Stirrups from Aluminum and Athena Young Jumping Stirrups

    The jumping model Tech Stirrup “Athena” has been produced with a 4° angle inclination of the tread. The Tech Stirrup PATENTED grip has been studied so that, even in case of weak support, it always has adherence. The stirrup leather slot has been made in a way that, should the rider loose one of the stirrups during the work, this will maintain a position that can be easily worn. From now available in green and red colors also, not only silver, black, gold and azure.

  • Tech Stirrups Alu Diana HuntDiana Hunting Stirrups from Aluminum

    The Tech Stirrups “Diana” for hunting was born from the union of elegance and comfort. The aesthetic of the Tech Stirrups has been treated with attention to the smallest details, for the “Diana” model the ring is extremely formal; without any writings, to allow the rider to personalize the stirrups as he likes; and it is available in classic colors that highlight its sophistication. After repeated tests, carried out both on the weight and on the conformation, the Tech Stirrups turned out to be extremely comfortable even when driving on long stretches.

  • Tech Stirrups Alu Iris Cross-CountryIris Cross-Country Stirrups from Aluminum

    To solve the typical difficulties of those who are facing the cross-country discipline, such as lack of adherence and the consequent loss of the stirrup due to the accumulation of dirt and wet, we create a special grip. In fact, this grip, thanks to its aggressive design and to presence of holes, prevents the accumulation of mud and water, allowing perfect grip. The stirrup leather slot conformation, is made to maintain the stirrups in a position that can be easily worn. The versatility of the Tech Stirrups “Iris” allows all riders who practice cross-country to juggle with ability in the various types of path; thanks to the ring mix of firmness and stability guaranteed by the shape of the tread. From now available in green and red colors also, not only silver, black, gold and azure.

The aesthetic of the Tech Stirrups has been cured in the smallest details, all the milling have been made with high speed CNC machineries, set up with CAD- CAM in order to obtain precious finishing; even the screws have been built in so that they won’t stick out. The Tech Stirrups are produced with certificated materials and packed into recyclable carton boxes. Before packaging, all the rings are subjected to a stress test. Despite the screws are secured, we advise the customer to verify the proper closure before use.