HorseMed horse care products

Date: 23 March 2016

New generation of disinfecting spray, cooling- and heating-gels...

To achieve maximum performance, to the relaxation period right after or immediate remedy in case of trouble, here are the new HorseMed horse care products from Dr. Kelen, developed for racing and hobby horses.

FEI doping-free: The components of these products are not included in the FEI doping list.
Preservatives, artificial fragrance and colorants are not added. The composition of these products is highly specialized, and their prices compared to similar products on the market is very low.

HorseMed products

  • Horsemed Ice GelHorseMed Ice Gel
    Well-deserved relaxation – Medicinal regenerating cooling gel for the treatment of aching, overladen muscles and ligaments. Medicinal cooling gel developed for race- and hobby horses. It cools instantly and long lasting the aching, sore body parts without the danger of any overcooling or frostbite. It grants an effective „first aid” in cases of overload, contusion, strain or acute muscle- and ligament injuries. Due to the favourable pharmacological effect of Menthol, Camphor and Panthenol, it facilitates fast regeneration; the Allantoin supports sore recovery and formation of the epidermis.
  • Horsemed Hot Express GelHorseMed Hot Express Gel
    For maximal performance – Hot warm up gel for durative stimulation of blood circulation. Medicinal warm up gel developed for race- and hobby horses. Use it before training or race in order to optimize the blood and oxygen supply of the muscles. The Juniper and Cinnamon Oil stimulates blood circulation, the local painkiller and anti-inflammatory effect of Menthol supports faster regeneration. FEI doping-free product without Capsaicin.
  • HorseMed S.O.S. Wound Care SprayHorseMed S.O.S. Wound Care Spray
    Instant remedy for wounds! – Medicinal wound care spray. Wound care spray, developed for race- and hobby horses. It contains tea tree oil with wide range of anti-bacterial spectrum, colloidal silver and alcohol, which are well-known favourable for after-care of wounds and scratches caused during training, cross-country riding or in the paddock. Also suitable for supplementary treatment of bacterial infections. The menthol, levander- and lemon oil support the wound healing, mitigate the irritation. The cooling effect of the alcohol and the carefully selected medicinal herbal volatile oils ensure poise of the wound, thus the itching, irritating feeling ceases and the horse does not pick at the wound. It has a long lasting effect. Environmentally friendly product without power gas. FEI doping-free.