GPA helmets and accessories

Date: 10 May 2017

From now on the well-known GPA helmets and accessories are available from the KLP webshop. Special order, with short delivery times (approx 1 week - to Hungary).

GPA, made in France for your safety

All helmets are:
CE certified by notified bodies, VG1, prEN1384/2016-2017 (new project standard)
ASTM F1163-15/SEI (US Standard)

Innovation for security since 52 years

Safety has always been a priority at GPA, as history shows:

  • The first GPA helmets are for Formula 1, Motorbike and Rallies, with the unique invention of the first full face motorcycle helmet and the first non-flammable suit: NAZA
  • In 1998, the first approved riding helmet, a revolutionary product which created the riding helmet market
  • This was followed by: the first helmet with a 100% carbon shell, the first helmet for jockeys, the Speed’Air, which is the first highly ventilated helmet, and the First Lady which is the first helmet designed especially for women
  • In 2015, GPA is ever more innovative with the 4S technology (worldwide patented). A revolutionary process in terms of safety and security, where the helmet has four protective layers instead of two.

GPA, the only brand of helmets produced in France, in its own workshops!

The UFO Company, represented by its C.E.O. Xavier Pillet, and Michel Finquel, owner of the GPA brand, signed an operating agreement in December 2013 for the production and marketing of GPA helmets. There is a long history between the two partners, since the UFO company, specialising in manufacturing composite parts for sport and industry (including top of the range boats and helmets for helicopter pilots), has produced the carbon shells for GPA for almost 20 years, in their workshops in France.

This collaboration is the combination of expertise and experience in the field of helmets, with mastery of design and production of innovative technical products.

Production of GPA helmets is now 100% repatriated to France, in the UFO workshops in the South of France.

The choice was made not to depend on subcontractors, in order to improve and optimise production while having optimal quality control. Each separate part is carefully checked and numbered. The workshop is audited annually for compliance of production for Europe and the US compared to the quality manual in place: a sign of seriousness and of our desire for traceability for our products, from the spare part to the finished product.

An integrated laboratory tests in our offices enables us to regularly check the compliance of our products with safety requirements. This also allows us to be constantly looking for new products and testing new technologies or materials upstream to improve safety. Our research department is constantly looking for innovation and new designs.

Our own workshop in France also allows us to be more responsive to our customers’ requests: shortened production times, and especially the ability to respond to requests for very detailed customisations for unique helmets. You can choose the colour of your helmet or its grids, the colour of your leather finishing and even the colour of the stitchings!

Our whole team is motivated by preserving French know-how, and very concerned by quality and innovation with only one overall aim: the satisfaction of riders!

Classic collection

  • Gpa Jimpi 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa Easy 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa Classic 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa Classic Velvet 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa Classic Leather 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa Highlite 2X Riding Helmet

Speed Air collection

  • Gpa Speed Air 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa Speed Air Leather 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa Speed Air Carbon 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa Evo+ 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa Evo+ Leather 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa Evo+ Carbon 2X Riding Helmet

Redline 4S collection

  • Gpa Speed Air 4S Riding Helmet
  • Gpa Speed Air Carbon 4S Riding Helmet

First Lady collection

  • Gpa First Lady 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa First Lady 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa First Lady 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa First Lady Leather 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa First Lady Carbon 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa First Lady 4S Riding Helmet
  • Gpa First Lady Carbon 4S Riding Helmet

Crystal collection

  • Gpa Speed Air Crystal 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa First Lady Crystal 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa Classic Crystal 2X Riding Helmet

Galopp/military collection

  • Gpa Jock Up Three 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa Jock Up Three Leather 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa Jock Up One 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa Jock Up One 4S Riding Helmet
  • Gpa Jock Up Three 4S Riding Helmet

Polo collection

  • Gpa Polo 2X Riding Helmet
  • Gpa Polo Covered 2X Riding Helmet


  • Gpa Lining Speed Air
  • Gpa Lining Titium
  • Gpa Winter Ear Pads
  • Gpa Helmet Cover Bag
  • Gpa Helmet Case
  • Gpa 4S Groom Bag
  • Gpa Medium Cabin Bag
  • Gpa Big Travel Bag
  • Gpa Vanity Leather Bag
  • Gpa Week-End Leather Bag
  • Gpa Black Baseball Cap
  • Gpa First Lady Key Rider Team Baseball Cap

More information about the Redline collection

Technology for safety

Helmets are traditionally made of two layers, a rigid shell and an EPS foam liner.
The Redline range of helmets are designed with 4 elements, the 4S, whose sandwich superposition allows for remarkable damping, and better resistance to lateral compression.

  • Outershell:
    This first outershell layer is intended to absorb the shocks and allows to slow down the energy of impact. She is made in ABS and POLYCARBONATE, an absorbent polymer adapted to be deformed on impact.
  • Foam layer, high shock absorption:
    It is about the second element which allows to dissipate the energy during a shock. This interface, in case of a crash, will absorb the impact energy to reduce it
  • Inside shell:
    This second shell «twices» the protection capacity. Made in Polyamide and reinforced in fiberglass, it provides rigidity and protection. It has an excellent mechanical resistance. The shock has already been dampened after passing through this level.
  • Expanded Polystyrene ou «EPS»:
    This is the EPS foam liner that finishes decelerating the shock by crashing under the pressure of the impact and thus protecting the skull and minimizing the risk of cranial lesions. It is recognized and well-known for these properties of shock and compression resistances.