Daslö Close Contact Jumping Saddle

Date: 9 November 2016

Fully equipped Daslö jumping saddle on a very attractive price...

We offer the complete set of this beautiful, brown or black leather saddle with matching accessories on a discounted price. A really elegant saddle due to the squared cantle, the front and back padding on the sides make riding safe and using it very comfortable for the rider. Synthetic tree, which means it is really light - the perfect choice for horse and rider.

  • Daslö Close Contact Jumping Saddle Complete Set
  • Daslö Close Contact Jumping Saddle Complete Set
  • Daslö Close Contact Jumping Saddle Complete Set

The set:

  • Daslö Close Contact Jumping Saddle Complete Set
    Complete set: Daslö close contact jumping saddle with girth, saddlepad, colored stirrups, stirrup leathers, shaped leather bridle and snaffle bit. Discounted price, as long as the supplies last
    Price: 272 390 Ft


Daslö Close Contact Jumping Saddle (brown/black, 17.5")
Close contact jumping saddle in high quality grain leather. Square cantle seat, latex moulded panels, front bananas and rear knee pads, stainless steel stirrup bars. Synthetic tree, gullet size is 28 cm.

Neoprene Waffle Daslo Girth (brown/black, 125 cm)
Contoured shape, high soft, with elastic oneend and reinforced with nylon.

Colorful Ss Stirrups (maroon/mauve, 12 cm)
In stainless steel, in various kind of decorative colors.Complete with dotted rubber steeds.

Daslö Gold Saddle Cloth (maroon/fuchsia, full)
Made out of polyester drill outshell with 7x7 squared quilting, 12mm foam and 220 gsm polyfill, waffle weave lining. Embellished with all around contrast tape.

Daslo Stirrup Leathers (brown/black, full)
In high quality and stainless steel buckles.

Daslo Bridle Shaped With Rubber Reins (brown/black, full)
In leather, provided with raised and shaped browband and flash noseband,rubber tone-tone reins, harness round stainless steel buckles.

Curved Snaffle Bit (13.5 cm)
Curved snaffle bit from stainless steel. Thickness: 18mm, ring: 65mm

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