Horse Transport Trailer Bertuola Tc 1 Base

Bertuola Trailer tc1base (0501c03)
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    • Horse Transport Trailer Bertuola Tc 1 Base
    • 1 990 000 Ft

      The price includes VAT.

    • Horse Transport Trailer Bertuola Tc 1 Base

      External Dimensions: width 1.60 m, height 2.60 m, length 3.93 m
      Internal Dimensions: width 1.15 m, height 2.18 m, length 3.00 m
      Payload: max 500 kg

      - It is built on a quality chassis, iron galvanized with "V" draw bar, lights support integrated to the EEC regulations, 7-pin socket;
      - Double axles AL-KO with lowered suspensions, rubber torsion bar;
      - Inertia brakes, automatic device insertion for reversing maneuvers;
      - Internal body in phenolic multilayer by 13 mm, external covered with 12/10 silver aluminium and internal covered with aluminium;
      - The floor is in phenolic plywood treaty with anti slide surface;
      - Posterior and anterior ramps in aluminium with anti slide rubber on the surface, the posterior one is 120 cm height;
      - Over the ramp a manual in white PVC curtain;
      - Roof in white fiber glass;
      - Mudguards in rubber zinc;
      - n°4 145/80 R 12 wheels;
      - Also included: fixed anterior window, internal light, lateral air intakes.

      - Spare tire;
      - Roof light 400 x 400 mm;
      - Inspection door;
      - Shock absorber on the posterior ramp;
      - Shock absorber on the anterior ramp;
      - Anti slide rubber on the floor.

      The price shown above includes the VAT, but there is an additional cost for the necessary papers which is approx. 100.000,- HUF

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